SIGI Trade, s.r.o.

Is the only Slovakian sales company with the philosophy based on professional consulting and providing the farmers with the complex service in nutrition of all species of livestock (cattle, swines, poultry, horses and deers).

The sales part of the activities is supported by company´s own production of high quality products, premixes, concentrates and additives produced in accordance with the highest standard legislative ISO 9001 and HACCP requirements.

SIGI Trade provides the distribution of the products of more than 60 top world producers. All of these activities are based on a farmer friendly price policy within the complicated conditions of the agricultural sector. 

Along with the product distribution and delivery, SIGI Trade team formed by its consultants provides consulting services in nutrition, health, production diseases, production performance and herd management. SIGI Trade is fully aware of the individual needs of each farmer and therefore produces the customized products reflecting those needs in order to provide the farmer with the best result and improvement of the current situation on the farm. This also includes creating and establishing of farm protocols and programs of ketosis early detection and eradication, early SARA diagnostics and prevention as well as treatment, and reproductive performance parameters improvement. Clinical and subclinical mastitis on farm culturing and treatment protocols along with somatic cell count on farm detection are incorporated into a concept of highly effective service provided to the farmers in order to meet their needs and targets and to help them achieve the best results.

We are also proud to have specialits on farm management, welfare, hygiene of milking process, who are memebers of world prestigious organizations such as National Mastitis Council (NMC) and Cow Signals Training company.    

SIGI Trade approach of wide and complex service is, therefore, unique and completely differs from approach of the other companies dealing with nutrition and sales by its wide range and ability to help the farmer to find his problem and solve it effectively without unnecessary steps.