Animal nutrition

SIGI Trade is fully aware of the individual needs of each farmer and therefore produces the customized products in accordance with the individual needs of each farmer. SIGI Trade premixes and products incorporated into the rations contribute to:

  • Increase of the production level and bioavailability of the forages
  • Improvement of the total health of the animals
  • Increase of the production parameters
  • Improvement of the reproductive parameters
  • Improvement of the farm economy


Along with the products and products distribution, Sigitrade also provides services in the area of nutrition, health, production diseases, production performance of the herd and herd management.       A big advantage of the company is a state of the art equipment we offer to our customers:

  • AgriNIR on farm forage, concentrates and TMR analyzator in order to analyze the content of starch, dry matter and nitrogen substances, ADF, NDF, ash and crude fat in few seconds
  • Separating nets, that provide the information on the TMR structure, silages or haylage
  • pHmeter- on farm pH meter for urine and ruminal fluid analyze
  • Digital laser thermometer for finding out the level of heat in the lots and stalls
  • Drench DrecnMate used for intraruminal administration of fludis and drench powders,
  • Ketotests diagnostic strips used for determining the level of betahydroxybutyrate in milk (ketose monitoring)
  • Somatic cell count test used for monitoring of the somatic cell count and thus for on farm early recognition of the sucblinical mastitis
  • Mastitis diagnostics culturing plates for identification of mastitis pathogens.
  • Antimastitis protocols and systems for helping the farmers to solve, minimize and prevent the mastitis problem.