Cattle - EKO Products

Ecological supplemetary feed and mineral and vitamin lick blocks are products designed for ecological farming in both dairy and beef forms. They are suitable for all phases of lactation and dry period as well as for young stock and sheep. The products are certified by official legal state authorities in Bratislava, Slovakia.  

EKO Premixes and Supplementary Feed

A wide variety of supplementary feed for beef and dairy cattle. The products are cathegorized into the sections for young stock as well as for the adult stock in various phases of lactation and dry period - far off and close up. Variants of yeast and zinc supplementation are also available for ecological farming.   

EKO Lick Blocks for Cattle and Sheep

Designed for supplementation of minerals and vitamins based on the species requirements.

Lick Block EKO Standard -  minerals a vitamíns neccessary for total health, better productive and reproductive performance.

Lick Block EKO Pasture - contributes to the saturation of the organism with minerals a vitamins defficient at the pasture. It positively influences the function of the immunity system and increases the ability of the system to fight against infetious pathogen. 

Lick Block EKO Repro - designed for improving the reproductive parameters and gravidity development.

Lick Block EKO Sheep - designed for the proper skin and skin derivates development (hooves, udder). Improves immunity function and reproduction parameters.