Cattle - Lick Blocks

Lick Block Microminerals and Salt

31/07/2013 13:50
Block of salt with specific smell of feed. Enriched with minerals neccessary for the proper function of immunity contributing to the good health status of the cows. It is administered as a prevention from mineral defficiencies.  

Lick Block Pasture

31/07/2013 13:36
Designed as a supplementing lick block for cattle on pasture. Contains vitamins and minerals both in oragnic and anorganic form positively influencing the total health of the animals on pasture as well as their immunity system. Increases the resistence against infectious diseases such as mastitis...

Lick Block Phosphorus

31/07/2013 13:47
Lick block of vitamins and minerals in both anorganic and organic form designed for supplementation. Contains higher level of phosphorus. Administered as a free choice.    

Lick Block Repro

31/07/2013 13:34
Lick block of vitamins and minerals in both organic and anorganic form designed for improvig the reproductive paramteres. Increases the success of insemination and development of gravidity.  

Lick Block Stadnard

31/07/2013 13:44
Supplementary lick block providing the cattle with minerals and vitamins in anorganic and organic form  for proper function of metabolism, immunity and reproductive tract. Administered as a free choice.