Horses - Supplementary Feed

SIGI Endurance

22/07/2011 13:53
SIGI Endurance is feed for endurance horses designed in cooperation with top quality horse endurance teams and experts. SIGI Endurance effectively covers energy, protein, macro/micro mineral and vitamin demand that is extreme during endurance race and training. The minerals are even more effective...

SIGI Equito

03/06/2016 09:14
Equito is equine performance feed designed for horses in high performance. Equito effectively covers high energy, protein, macro/micro mineral and vitamin demand of training, race and work. Equito is highly palatable. Equito ensures a rapid regeneration after performance thanks to its components...

SIGI Steeple

23/06/2011 11:18
SIGI Steeple is a special horse feed created with top quality Slovak steeple teams. SIGI Steeple contains an effective mixture of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins combined with yeast highly effective in covering of the nutrition needs of race and steeple horse.


23/06/2011 11:16
SIGI STR is an equine feed created to cover the nutritional needs of The National Stud Farm Topoľčianky š.p., the official breedes of Lipica horse. The stud farm owns more than 700 horses overall. The horses are fed high quality SIGI STR that fulfills high standards of the national stud farm.