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05/08/2013 12:12
Microgranulated feedstuff on the basis of formic acid Acimodix is an acidifier with a strong antimicrobial effect that influences the hygiene of the feedstuff and thus reduces the risk of potential ingestion of the microbes during the feeding. Acidomix in piglets decreases the gastrointestinal pH...

ČOS starter Zn

05/08/2013 13:38
Starter complete mixture Universal complete granulated medicated mixture for piglets and weaned pigs fed since 10 up to 56 days of age, 2-3 weeks after weaning up to 16-20 kg of bodyweight. Zinc with its antimicrobial function prevents the gastrointestinal tract from getting infected and thus...


06/08/2013 14:24
Milk replacer for piglets. It contains highly digestible proteins of plant and milk origin and ensures high average weight gains.


16/04/2010 08:24
Special product used as a toxin absorbent. The product does not have any teratogenic, mutagenic or cancerogenic effects. The growth and metabolism of the animals is not affected. It does not interact with the other feedstuff components(vitamins, minerals, amino acids). The product is not toxic...