Sheep and Goats

Lick Block Salt and Microelements

08/08/2013 08:57
Mineral salt lick enriched with microminerals imroving the immunity, hoof and horn quality and total health of the animals.

Lick Block Sheep/Goat

08/08/2013 08:58
Minral supplement in organic and anorganic form important for the development of the total health of the animals. It positively affects the immunity system, skin and skin adnexa derivates as well as reproduction and fertitily.  

TKŠ II - starter

08/08/2013 09:41
Started designed for lambs in the early age during the time of milk rearing for the first three mohts of age. Administered early on after birth in an ad-libitum way. Stands as a source of protein and energy needed for the proper development of the forestomachs and the optimum function of the...