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12/08/2013 09:29
Glycerol is a byprodcut of colza oil production. It is used in nutrition of the dairy cattle during peripartal period and lactation...


19/07/2016 14:15
Complemantary feedstuff for cattle. The care-free packege for the whole lactation period and constant high performance. DairyPilotFlavoVital is a...

Fat Plus

12/08/2013 10:15
Fat Plus is a high energy fat source. Addition of fat into rations positively affects the energy level of ration. Its administration is recommended...

Glukolac Sweet-Feed

14/04/2010 21:08
Additive made on the basis of soluble saccharides. It acts as an energy source for the ruminal microbes, what ensures free ammonium nitrogen...


14/04/2010 21:12
Contains Ω3 fatty acids and guarded combination of fats and vitamins made for the prevention from their degradation in rumen (by-...

Hoof-fit Bath

14/04/2010 21:14
Hoof-fit bath is non-toxic remedy for hoof health. It is not iritating and it is active even under cold conditions, which makes it useful even in...

Hoof-fit Gel

18/07/2013 10:22
Hoof-fit Gel is designed for treating of dermatitis, necrobacilosis and laminitis and other hoof and claw problems cousedby infetious bacteria in...


14/04/2010 21:18
Additive supplement used during critical biological phase of transition period of dairy cow providing prevention from metabolic disorders including...

Kovin 50

18/07/2013 11:59
Kovin 50 is a source of nonprotein nitrogen mixed into TMR of dairy cattle. It is a good source of rumen degradable protein.


12/04/2010 00:28
Megafat is a concentrated source of energy for dairy cows during first half of lactation. It is a source of protected rumen indegradable long chained...
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