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22/07/2013 10:02
Optigen is a source of nonprotein nitrogen with slow release. The break down of Optigen is prolonged, what enables a slow and controlled release of...


14/04/2010 22:06
Additive microgranulate containing macroelements (Ca, P, Na, Mg), microelements (Cu, Mn, Zn, Se, J, Co) which part of them is present in the organic...


23/07/2013 08:26
Urow is a combination of various sources of NPN with different time of ruminal degradation. Ensures a continuous supplementation of nitrogen for...


23/07/2013 11:22
Stabilmix is a highly effective buffer also acting as a mycotoxin and excessive ammonia binder.  Stabilmix contains a combination of fast and...

Stabilmix Plus

23/07/2013 11:40
Stabilmix Plus is a highly effective long acting buffer for dairy cows. It contains fast and slow buffering substances and eliminates the development...
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