19/07/2016 14:15

Complemantary feedstuff for cattle. The care-free packege for the whole lactation period and constant high performance.

DairyPilotFlavoVital is a specialty feed containing FlavoVital for a healthy rumen as well as high metabolic efficiency. DairyPilotFlavoVital ensures high performance and strengthens the body ´s defense against inflammatory processes and oxidative stress.

Product features:

  • FlavoVital (cell protecting plant-based compounds from selected fruits and herbs)
  • metabolism supporting B-vitamins
  • high content of live yeast

Mode of action:

  • high body defense against inflammatory processes and cell stress
  • stable metabolism and high metabolic efficiency
  • efficient rumen and stable pH-value
  • high feed intake and improved feed conversion as well as energy utilisation

Recommended applications:

  • for concentrate feed based rations
  • for improved feed conversion
  • to safeguard high performances
  • for digestion and metabolism disorders
  • during high stress situations (i.e. heat, transition phase, etc.)

Your benefits:

  • robust and resilient herds
  • more milk yield and higher fattening performance
  • better animal welfare
  • more calmness and composure in the barn
  • higher profit

Available packaging unit:

20 kg