Glukolac Sweet-Feed

14/04/2010 21:08

Additive made on the basis of soluble saccharides. It acts as an energy source for the ruminal microbes, what ensures free ammonium nitrogen absorption into the bacterias. This increases production of bacterial protein in rumen. It is possible to feed Glukolac Sweet-feed to the swines, where it acts as an immediate energy source.


a) cattle

  • Complex of saccharides (lactose, glucose, saccharose ) supports proteosynthesis of the ruminal microbes (their growth and reproduction). As a result, a higher amount of high quality protein flows from rumen into the intestine.
  • The higher increase of the rumen microorganisms, the better  quality of the rumen fermentation
  • TMR parts in rumen are digested better and effectively
  • Higher effectivity of fiber digestion in rumen stabilizes the milk fat productionň
  • Decreases the level of ammonium in rumen, thus protects liver and improves energy metabolism of dairy cattle
  • Improves the total health
  • Makes the taste of the ration more attractive

b) swines

  • source of immediate energy
  • makes the taste of the ration more attractive