OFC (On-Farm Cultivation Plates)

12/08/2013 15:19

The system of mastitis diagnostics is based on precise mastitis causing pathogens identification on culture plates directly on farm. The system provides a direct determination of the pathogen after 24 hours of cultivation in the incubator. The following therapy is based on the result of the cultivation and thus custom made and effective. The pathogen can be easily destroyed. It depicts the actual epidemiological situation of a farm and provides the farmer with the information of the localization of the problem and helps him decide what steps should follow to improve the farm mastitis status. This saves the possible unnecessary costs spent by the farmer emerging from not knowing the causing pathogen. Thus, the system leads to an improvement of the udder health of the individual animal, as well as the whole herd, and, to a higher production and milk quality (decreased somatic cell count and improved milk quality – fat and protein).

  • precise on-farm identification of mastitis causing pathogen up to 24 hours
  • custom made therapy of the pathogen and thus higher treatment effectivity
  • identification and localization of the source of the infections into the farm sections (milking process/environment)
  • increase of the milk production
  • improvement of the milk quality by decreasing the somatic cell count and balancing the milk composition (fat and protein)
  • less confiscated milk because of the treatment effectivity
  • due the pathogen identification, culturing provides the farmer with the information how to deal with the individual cow affected with subclinical mastitis.