14/04/2010 22:06

Additive microgranulate containing macroelements (Ca, P, Na, Mg), microelements (Cu, Mn, Zn, Se, J, Co) which part of them is present in the organic complexes – Manganese, Selenium, Zinc and vitamin complexes (A, E, D, biotin).


  • Somatic cell count reduction
  • Protection of the mucosa of the glandular and ductal udder part/mastitis and increased somatic cell count prevention
  • Stimulation of the teat keratin seal production/mastitis prevention
  • Increase of the skin and skin adnexa resistance against infections/dermatitis prevention
  • Improvement of the hoof horn quality/ higher hoof resistance
  • Support of the reproductive processes/ improvement of the reproductive parameters
  • Immunity system support/support of the udder and total health

Reducell is used as a part of antimastitis farm programs due to its high effect in somatic cell count reduction and mastitis prevention. 

Bioplex advantages (organic form of mineral elements) against inorganic forms of mineral elements:

  • Better gastrointestinal absorption
  • Better metabolic availability and utility
  • Positive effect on reproductive functions, immunity system and total health condition